About Max Freeze

Welcome to the innovative FreezeStats Blog!  If you’re looking for top notch (decent) fantasy baseball advice (that’s freeZy baby), then you’re in the right place!  And by right place, I don’t mean this particular article, there’s no fantasy advice here, Sry.   I mean this site as a whole.  This is just an introductory message about me and the blog.  What I will have in the future includes but is not limited to:

Articles highlighting sleepers & busts

Overall and positional rankings for 2018

Player projections

In season streamers

Some in depth statistical analysis of current MLB players and prospects

All to help with the off-season and prepare you for the 2018 fantasy baseball season.  Oh, and if you see me throw in phrases like WIN YOUR FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE! In the middle of a post that is completely off topic regarding the article just ignore that, it’s so I get hit up with more traffic on the google machine.  You can also find me on twitter @FreezeStats.

OK, now that we 90% of you have left, let me get started.  For the most part I’m just a regular guy total nerd in my 30s with a job, a family, a dog. JK, no dog, I’m allergic and have asthma to boot.  If you can’t visualize who I am, just think back to when you were in grade school.  Remember that nerd ass kid with the inhaler who didn’t participate in some gym activities?  BAM, that’s me hommie!

Enough about me (that’s really all there is to know anyways).  The idea for the name of the website “FreezeStats” was actually coined by my loving wife this past year.  Now, my wife is very tolerant of my love for fantasy baseball, especially when it takes up somewhere in the vicinity of 75% of my free time and is essentially 8 months long (6 months + 2 months of preseason prep).  Did I say 8 months?  I’m sorry I meant 12, there is no F*#&ing off-season in Fantasy Baseball!

Any who, I’ve been doing very well in my leagues the past few seasons.  For instance, in my 12 team big $$ league, I’ve finished 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 1st over the last four seasons.  Now, my wife has taken interest in how my teams are doing over the last couple of seasons.  And by taking interest, I mean she asks me how my teams are doing just to get my silly ass off the phone and have a conversation.  Pretty sneaky, huh?  The point is (yes, there is a point), in my big $$ H2H league I’ve been as far down as 9th place at around the All-star break each of the last 2 seasons, only to come shooting up into the top 4 by season’s end to make the playoffs.  FYI, this H2H league where 6 teams make the playoffs with the top 2 getting a bye.  Obviously, you know results (I trust you were actually reading) of those seasons because I listed them above.  But since you’re skimming, I’ll tell you.  I WON THE WHOLE DAMN THING BOTH YEARS MFers!!

Enough bragging like a total DB, let’s get back to the name.  If any of you are Braves fans, HAHA, JK, there aren’t any.  Well anyways, they have this between-innings race along the warning track from the left field foul line to some point in right field.  A “lucky” fan gets chosen to race “The Freeze” along the warning track.  What’s great about this race is that the fan gets huge head start, something like 6 seconds.  One of the best races I’ve seen is shown on the GIF below:

‘Beat the Freeze’ race gives fan a generous head start from interestingasfuck

A-Mazing!  So damn good!  So, my wife says, they should call you The Freeze because you let everyone get ahead early in the season giving them false hope thinking they can win.  It’s a pretty good parallel I think because fantasy baseball is so damn long and you need to be dedicated AF or F*#&ing crazy.  I might be a little of both, but I’ll help get you prepared for the draft and keep you on your game throughout the season to keep rolling.  I’m no expert, but what makes an expert?  The “experts” at Yahoo basically pump out worthless articles for 4 months and switch over the fantasy football in August.  I can get much more in depth than those yahoos… That pun was on intended, sorry again.  And don’t even get me started about ESPN.  Talk about east coast bias with those ESPiN-Doctors – Little Miss Little Miss Little Miss Can’t be Wrong…  Whoops, I was just listening to one of my favorite early 90s rock bands. Yankees, Red Sox, and old AF vets who are over the hill, blah frickin’ blah. You don’t want that big box site garbage.

The point is, I can give you better, in depth info for your upcoming league for free without wasting your time with pointless drivel.  Well, this article qualifies as that, but this is the last one, I promise! Listen, I’ve got full time job and can tell you one thing, I ain’t no damn writer (this post is clear evidence).  So there’s your trade off: great, free fantasy advice with poor writing!  Sounds good to me!  Just give it a shot, I’ll throw out rankings and projections prior to January before almost any other site is even thinking about 2018.  So you’ll get a head start on your competition. Deal?  Oh and FYI I might throw in some obscure old school hip hop references along the way.

Max Freeze Fantasy Baseball Credentials:

  • Fantasy Baseballin’ since ’03
  • 44 Teams Managed
  • 13 – 1st Place Finishes (30%)
  • 30 – Top 3 Finishes (68%)

Resume 2014-2018: Since Analytical Research

  • 14 Leagues/Teams Managed
  • 5 – 1st Place Finishes (36%)
  • 12 – Top 3 Finishes (86%)
  • Don’t worry about the 10th team, that was a 4th place finish
  • That includes two industry leagues I entered in 2018 including the inaugural season of the TGFBI and a 20-team startup dynasty with a dozen+ industry professionals where I finished 2nd.

Thanks for reading, check back in soon I’ll be updating the site several times a week.  Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @FreezeStats