Deadly Combination: A hitter who combined for at least one HR and one steal in a single game

Flavor of the Week: Hitting or Pitching Streamer

Fool in the Rain: Starter who got rained out before he had a full outing capping

Fortunate Son: Average player in a great hitting environment aka Coors

Gold Digger: Player on the last year of his contract pumping up his stats (i.e. Justin Upton in 2017)

Ground Control: Ground ball heavy hitters (Dee Gordon, Yelich)

Learning to Fly: Hitters who embrace the fly ball revolution

Mass Appeal: Sleeper or initially low ranked player with mainstream success now (over 50% owned)

Memory Loss: When and Ace gets blown up

One Call Away: Minor Leaguer moved up to AAA

Overnight Celebrity: Not a top tier prospect that dominates once called up. (AKA Rhys Hoskins / Matt Olson)

Quality Control: QS, WHIP of 1.00 or less, 4 Ks or less

Return of the Mac: Old veteran making a comeback after a year or 2 of decline

Running on Empty: Starter running out of gas near the end of the season (innings cap)

Starboy: 22 Year old or younger in the pros

Str8 Ballin’: 8+Ks, 2 ER or less, WHIP 1.00 or below

WHIP-ping Post: Pitcher who killed your ratios in H2H with 1 terrible start

White Rabbit: self-explanatory: ie: Scotty Pods, Billy Burns, Whit Merrifield)