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Article TitleDate Released
Blast Zone Launch Angle – Climber and FallersPosted 7/9/2020
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Shift Happens – Everyone’s Doing It (Fantasy Baseball)Posted 5/13/2020
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Home Run Park Factors Part 3 – (Conversion to a Plus Metric, HRPF+)Posted 2/17/2020
Hitters to Fade in 2020 Using Earned Home Runs and Deserved BarrelsPosted 1/26/2020
Hitters to Buy in 2020 Using Earned Home Runs and Deserved BarrelsPosted 1/19/2020
FreezeStats Earned Home Runs (eHR) – Complete List & CorrelationsPosted 12/10/2019
Introducing Earned Home Runs (eHR)Posted 11/22/2019
MLB Directional Home Run Park Factors Using Statcast (Updated)Posted 11/1/2019
Let’s Discuss the Biggest CSW% Movers (Part 2)Posted 7/9/2019
Using xBABIP to Find Outliers – Players to Buy/Sell for the 2nd HalfPosted 6/27/2019
Revisiting xBABIP Outliers: 1st Half 2019 (Fantasy Baseball)Posted 3/26/2020
What Hitters are Over and Underperforming Based on HR/BRL RatePosted 5/30/2019
Evaluating Starting Pitchers Using CSW (2018-2019)Posted 5/15/2019
Home Run Park Factors Using Statcast’s Barrels (HR/BRL)Posted 4/25/2019
Last Year’s Power Overperformers Based on HR/BRL (Fantasy Baseball)Posted 3/29/2019
Projecting Power Spikes Using Spring Stats (GO/AO)Posted 3/26/2019
Home Run / Barrel (HR/BRL) Under-Performers from 2018Posted 1/26/2019
BABIP Trailers – June Update Part 2 of 2Posted 7/2/2018

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