The best new games for PC in 2023

The best new games for PC in 2023

If you like new PC games, you will be interested in reading our list of the best new games for PC. Recently, many games have been released so that users can choose their perfect game from an extensive range.

In this article, we would like to describe the best new games on PC that you can try. Moreover, we encourage you to figure out which game is perfect. Here, you will see RPG and MMO games, each giving you an exciting adventure and great emotions. We hope you have a pleasant reading and a fascinating game!

Top new games on PC

  1. Bayonetta 3. The developer of this project is PlatinumGames. This is the studio that gave all users a new spectacular game in the series of the Bayonetta. Also, it is a very extreme story. So, it is posh, stylish, and a little absurd. The Japanese brand humor and the whole vibe of this game will please you here. The mission selection menu has become like a darts board. It is a dynamic game that will appeal to all fans of intense stories.
  2. Horizon Forbidden West. This project is one of the top new games you can try on your PC if it is performant enough. Overall, this is a great project. The developers have done a great job so all gamers will get a worthy game with an exciting adventure. You will indeed be intrigued by its story and features. Horizon Forbidden West has beautiful animations and unique visual effects. It was originally a console game, but today, computer users can try this game too. You will see beautiful locations with forests, deserts, and swamps there. You will feel all the beauty of the post-apocalypse and surely will not be able to stop taking pictures in photo mode.

    Horizon Forbidden West
  3. A Plague Tale: Requiem. Requiem is a sequel that is as good as the original game. However, this is a very unique game because it will show you the interesting life story of the main character. Also, Asobo Studio is a very famous and very talented developer. This game has many scenes with dialogue and other interactions between characters. It has a fascinating plot and vivid characters, so it will surely like you.
  4. Card Shark. This is a game that is quite different from the rest of the projects in this list. It is a card game simulator, but it takes work. This game has an exciting plot. So, it will tell you about a character who plays the disciple of a famous cheater who wants to cheat and rob French aristocrats and rich people. The uniqueness of this game is that you can choose the sequence of your actions during the card game. You should watch what suits of cards your opponents have and quietly shuffle the deck across different systems.
  5. Sonic Frontiers. Sega is a flagship series that has long been popular. You will use different strategies in this game, as well as you will see open locations that match well with speed gameplay. The developers have prepared a lot of complex and inventive linear levels, which are elegant and simple at the same time. Also, there is an excellent and interesting story that you will surely like. We are confident this game will be a great way to have fun for you and your friends.


Now, you know the best games released recently that you can try. We recommend that you install them only if you have a performant computer. However, many of them will work efficiently and on old devices. You can start looking for your perfect game right now. Anyway, we wish you a good time.

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