The best PC games for girls in 2023

The best PC games for girls in 2023

Today, many people spend their free time playing video games, and that is a fact. So they want to use this activity as entertainment and even as relieving their negative emotions. Today, video games have become a form of art, despite scientists being uncertain about their usefulness. However, this is good news if you are a computer user and like to have fun playing games.

Girls love computer games too, and they prefer both universal games and games with a female character at the center of the plot. So in this article, we would like to show you our list of the top games for girls on PC. You will find a lot of helpful information in this material. We wish you a pleasant reading!

The best PC games for girls

In the world of video games, there is no gender difference today. Some girls love battles and RPGs, such as battles with bosses in epic adventure games. However, women prefer a different style of play. For example, they may act peacefully, not use violence, or use a support role in multiplayer games.

We want to describe some cool games for girls that will surely not leave you indifferent:

  1. Life is Strange. This exciting and beautiful game will tell you a story about several teenagers. Each of these girls has supernatural abilities. However, you should not think this is a cute story about the adventures of naive children. This is the detective in which the murders occur. However, the main theme of this game is friendship, relationships, and feelings.
  2. Never Alone. This beautiful game will help you relax and enjoy cute interactions with the fox. At the center of the plot, there is a journey through Alaska. The protagonist of this game is a little girl and her faithful friend, the polar fox. Together, they will solve puzzles that test the user’s intelligence and imagination. You can play this game with friends too.

    Never Alone
  3. The Sims. There are a lot of guys who like this project. But the female audience is more significant for this game. Users love this game for its freedom and lot of features. For example, you can unleash all your creative skills here and build your dream home. You can even create a new city, and life will go by your rules. Also, users can control the lives of characters in this game. For example, these characters can have unique names and live from birth to old age. This is a pleasant and interesting game that will take you for many hours.
  4. Divinity: Original Sin. This is a series of games in which you will see detailed plots and exciting adventures. You can also use the turn-based combat system. This game will delight you with great jokes and humor. You can also play Divinity with your friend.
  5. Kena: Bridge of Spirits. At the heart of the story of this game is a girl named Kena. She is a young warrior who will meet many dangers on her way. On this journey, Kena will fight the enemy and meet many helpers and loyal friends. We are sure that you will get great impressions and emotions when you walk through this fascinating game.


So, there are many top PC games for girls with great stories and exciting adventures. Try them if you are looking for something new and fresh. In these games, you can realize your abilities and have fun. We hope you find your perfect game!

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