The best tank games for PC

The best tank games for PC

Today, computer games are common, and every user will probably have played many or few video games. Video games have many good effects on humans, so they are a great way to hang out. They can please you after work or on weekends, and many users love games for that. Video games have long been something people don’t think is harmful or stupid.

And what’s more, more and more users are deciding to get into video games, so the number of people is growing daily. Many users prefer specific games such as life simulators, races, or medieval games. If you are among such users, you will probably be interested to see the list of the best tank games for PC.

In modern video games, there are many excellent projects with tank simulators. In this article, we describe the best tank games, which will surely appeal to you and your friends if you are delighted with tanks and their features. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Top tank games for PC

You can play computer games regardless of the type of operating system you have installed on your computer. This can be Linux or Windows, so we suggest you choose one of the best projects in this topic. Now, you will see the rating of tank games, which you will probably like if you are a fan of these military vehicles:

  1. World of Tanks. According to statistics and user opinion, this is the most famous project among the games about tanks. Today, this is one of the best games in this segment, which is very deep and varied. This game has many vehicles in its set. Among them are tanks from many states, such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Czechoslovakia, Japan, the Soviet Union, the US, and China. The dynamics of the plot, the beautiful visual effects, and the realistic military vehicles are the factors that guarantee this project a large number of dedicated fans.

    World of Tanks
  2. War Thunder. This is the most hardcore game of all the projects in this segment. It has a beautiful style and detailed visual effects. You can be sure of smooth control in this game, so that you will be enthusiastic about its gameplay. This game has an arcade mode in which you can get acquainted with the game’s basic mechanics. However, you will also have to try to defeat your opponent in the simulation mode.
  3. Steel Armor: Blaze of War. In this game, you can deal with massive explosions on your opponents and conduct detailed and exciting special operations. You will serve as commander on the particular military vehicle. As for the plot, the battlefield in this game is the Iran-Iraq conflict of the eighties of the twentieth century. Unlike the famous World of Tanks, this project has only two tanks, but they are very detailed and have a realistic design.
  4. Armored Warfare. With this project, this list of top tank games is complete. This game has the same features as previous games, such as MMO, free-to-play, and tanks. In this game, you get modern military equipment and equipment for it. Also, its universal tanks have a great variety that all fans will appreciate. We are sure of it. In this game, you can use PvE mode, in which you must team up with other users and fight against artificial intelligence.

There are many great games that you should try if you dream of finding your perfect game about tanks. ExoTanks, Panzer Elite Action: Gold Edition, Battlefield, Arma Series, Heroes & Generals, and Red Orchestra 2.

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