Mysticism in games and apps

Mysticism in games and apps

There are many definitions of mysticism. As a rule, many strange, frightening and mysterious things relate to this definition. Even if they have a perfectly logical explanation in the end. However, after video games became popular, individual developers tried to release mystical projects to scare gamers and give them the pleasure of suspense.

Many of these projects turned out to be quite good. In this article, you will see a brief description of some of them. However, if you want to further enhance the atmosphere, you should install a free Necrophonic app on your smartphone. While the APK for Android website will help you find it.

Necrophonic app free download for Android

Now we will give you a little clarification about, the program does have reasons for you to start Necrophonic app free download for Android. The fact is that this program has a very unusual idea. It is that this program generates various mystical sounds. When you play one of the horrors, this musical accompaniment enhances the overall atmosphere and contributes to your deeper immersion into the game universe.

The Blair Witch

This game helps users experience adventures in the universe of the same movie. Gamers will visit the nineties of the last century as they walk through a mysterious forest. You will play as a private detective who will get to the house where The Blair Witch lives.

The gameplay is designed to make it hard for you to understand what’s going on around you in just a few minutes. You may have some supernatural powers to document, or it may just be the madness of the protagonist.

But I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Periodic screeners and other scary moves will make you tremble with fear and constantly wait for some trick. In just 10 minutes of play, your nerves will stretch to the limit, and every rustle will make you scared.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

This game received its release in 2005, and the graphics of it became quite outdated. However, the developers have prepared a remaster not so long ago, which is available for mobile iOS/Android, consoles and computers. Fahrenheit is an interactive movie. That’s why Fahrenheit is also a benchmark of games in this genre, as it shows what a mystical game should be even today.

The story of this game begins with the protagonist discovering himself in a public toilet where he killed a man. He has no memory whatsoever of what happened to him. Now, he has to unravel the mysterious tangle that led him to such an outcome. Thus the solution will be quite unusual, and the passage is not linear in this game.

That is why the character’s actions will influence the ending of this project. By the way, the developers have given us a surprise even in this issue, so several completely different endings are waiting for gamers of this game. This guarantees you several interesting passages of this project.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy


This game will appeal to gamers who admire the The X-Files series and other detective films. There is a mysterious Federal Bureau of Control whose main task is to have the protagonists investigate mysterious cases involving the manifestation of supernatural powers.

In the story, gamers will take on the role of Jesse Faden, which will be the only hope of the human species for survival after creatures from parallel worlds break into this bureau.

We can hardly describe all the interesting games in this genre. However, there are such great projects as The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, Dishonored, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Alan Wake and Phantasmagoria.

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